Matthew Segal

Proof that the Segal Law Firm approach WORKS! – An email from an actual juror after Mr. Segal won a RECORD SETTING verdict”

Hello, Mr. Segal. This is XXX, since you memorized our names from the beginning I’m sure you already know that I served on the jury this past week. Just before we were dismissed on Friday, you asked if we might be willing to stay for a few minutes to speak with you. I apologize for being unable to participate in those discussions with the others, but I had to run. I really did appreciate your request to get some feedback from us even though you had just learned that you were successful in this trial. Where others likely would be feeling very confident in that moment (rightly so!), enjoying well-deserved pats on the back, you asked a group of random people with no expertise in the law to help you learn. That was admirable, so I felt that since I couldn’t stay, I should look up your firm and send this e-mail.
The thing I wanted to tell you is that your sincerity is something I hope you will always be able to hang on to no matter how many cases you go through in the decades ahead of you. You genuinely seemed to care about your client and his case, and so when you spoke about it with emotion, even outrage, it did not come across as just theatrics. I’m sure many lawyers just don’t have that in them and might come across as more robotic, and probably even more of them try to fake it. People can usually tell when it’s faked, and that turns people off. Genuine sincerity is very meaningful, not necessarily to winning a case, but in getting jury members to at least listen to you with their B.S. filters on a lower setting. 🙂 Seems to me that is something any trial lawyer would want! Seeing how you describe on your website what makes your firm different from others falls right in line with that sincerity I felt from you during this trial. You want to care about your clients, and so I am happy to let you know that it came through to a juror (I’m sure more than just one, but we didn’t talk about that).
You’re in a field that can easily numb that over time, even chip away at it until it turns into cynicism (much like the field I used to be in as a high school teacher!). I hope you can hang on to that great quality as you continue to practice through the years. Good luck with your firm!

Best regards,
Juror #3

I was referred to the Segal office by a family friend. Matthew was so responsive to my questions communicated everything with me and put the legal terms into terms that I could understand. Matthew and his assistant were amazing. The dedication to my case really made things easier and I was able to receive my settlement very quickly. I was very nervous when my accident first happened but after talking with Matt, I felt calm relaxed, and given reassurance that he would take care of everything. So if you’re looking for somebody that just doesn’t push papers, but actually cares about your feelings, acknowledges your questions, and supports your case you came to the right Firm. “Dana”

Mr. Segal was such an amazing attorney and person to work with, writing this review was the least I can do as a small gesture to show my appreciation and thanks for all the hard work he put into my case. He was extremely attentive to my well being, reached out on a consistent basis to touch base to see how I was feeling and inquired about how every appointment went. It was very comforting to have an attorney that interacted with you on a personal level instead of dealing with a paralegal or secretary. He was recommended by a friend because he handled a prior case for her and she was very pleased with his services. I’ve already recommended his legal services to a friend and she couldn’t be any happier. For future references, if you want an attentive, determined and aggressive lawyer that truly cares about his clients, Mr. Segal is the right choice. “Blaise”

I came to Segal Law Firm after I was involved in a motor vehicle accident where I was rear-ended and sustained multiple injuries.Being an attorney myself, I’m familiar with the claims process, but I also knew it was best not to represent myself. I had no doubt that Matt and the SLF team had the right knowledge, experience and resources to represent me, so I fully entrusted him with my car accident claim.SLF got me a fantastic result against an insurance company that would barely make me a fair value offer at the outset of our negotiations, let alone enough to cover my bills or compensate me for my pain and suffering.Matt and SLF kept me in the loop every step of the way, he was responsive andcommunicative, and he treats your case as though it’s his own. I truly felt as though Matt was invested in my claim and sympathetic to my injuries, I wasn’t just another case to him.I wholeheartedly recommend Matt Segal and Segal Law Firm for any and all of your legal needs. “Paul”

Matthew Segal was recommended by my orthopedic doctor which she spoke highly of. My experience with Matthew was top notch and everything my doctor spoke about, he was always reachable and responsive. He made me feel like I knew him for years, like an old friend very relatable. Great man and awesome service, I highly recommend Segal Law Firm. “Ron”

I contacted the Matt at the Segal Law Firm after a personal injury (broken arm), and I am so glad I did! Having never filed a suit before I needed guidance and patience from an attorney, and Matt provided just that. He guided me through every step of the process, answered all of my questions in a timely fashion, supported me, and treated me with kindness and respect. He worked hard to settle my case efficiently and effectively, and I would highly recommend his law firm. “Gae”

I hired Matthew Segal after I was T-boned and injured by a careless driver. Working with Matt was a pleasure. He is a real pro that stays on top of every detail. From my medical treatments, to dealing with the multiple insurance companies, to the day I received my settlement, he guided me every step of the way. And in the end, he fought for me to get the settlement that I truly deserved. Ive since recommended him to my friends and family several times. If your looking for a personal injury attorney, i reccomend him to you too. A+++++++++ “Ivon”

Matt’s professionalism, responsiveness and keen understanding of the process made my case a success. He was always available for questions and conversation, and he was committed to exploring every angle of the case. For any personal injury case, Segal Law should be your first call. “Leslie”

I came to Segal Law Firm after I was struck by a car crossing the street. I was seriously injured and did not know what to do. Matt Segal took my case and filed a lawsuit immediately knowing the insurance company would not give me fair compensation. I was so impressed with Matt. He was proactive, professional, and easy to work with. He also got me a large financial recovery that included my lost wages, out of pocket reimbursements (like medical bills), and pain and suffering. But what meant more to me than anything was that he REALLY treated me like a part of his family. I have recommended Segal Law Firm to family and friends and highly recommend Matt and Segal Law Firm to any victim of a car accident / other type of personal injury case! You will not be disappointed!!! “Jessica”

I hired Matthew Segal for an injury case fairly recently. Since then he has overly exceeded all of my expectations. I could not have asked for a more professional lawyer. Matthew has given me the best turn around rate in a short amount of time handling the case. He truly did everything he could to resolve my case as efficiently as possible while fighting to get me the best recovery possible. It was a relief to feel that I was a part of his team and not just another number in his book. Unfortunately, my father was in a horrible accident and it was no secret which lawyer I told him to work with! His law firm is 5 stars and I would recommend him to anyone in need. “Michelle”

What separates Matt from other attorneys is his passion and dedication to his clients. As a former client, I always felt my case was Matt’s priority. I never felt like a number, but more of a friend. He actually cared. I was confident that Matt would take care of me, and he did not disappoint! “Jessica”

Matt Segal guided me through the aftermath of my accident. When I didn’t know where to go, he helped me find the best doctors to help me. He was always highly professional and responsive. Matt kept me informed throughout the entire process. Thank you for all you did for me and my case! I appreciate all your hard work and commitment to get the best result for me. This is a wonderful lawyer who will work very hard for you! “Dammara”

Matt was a true professional from start to finish and delivered exactly as promised. He was responsive when I needed him and made the whole process easy by always explaining the legal process and clearly laying out my options while always providing an educated, experienced recommendation. I was able to settle my case efficiently and with very little inconvenience. Thank you Matt! “Alexander”

I had the best experience with Matt Segal after my car accident. Matt was extremely patient with me and answered every question I had during my entire time working with him. Matt was on top of everything and I immediately knew I was in good hands. He recommended a physical therapist close to my home who was integral in my recovery. He handled all insurance matters and would keep me in the loop and let me know if anything was in my court. In the end, I was very satisfied with the result that Matt was able to negotiate. I would (and have!) absolutely recommend him to anyone!  “Amanda”