NYC’s Child Injury Lawyers

Attorney Matthew Segal represents injured children throughout New York in every type of child injury matter, from those arising out of injuries caused by defective children’s toys and other products to wrongful deaths caused by the negligence of caregivers or healthcare providers. Our child injury attorneys understand that injuries or deaths suffered by children can be among the most painful experiences a family will ever endure. Our dedicated and compassionate child injury lawyers have acquired exceptional expertise in all types of child injury cases, including the following:

  • Amusement Park Injuries
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Birth Injury
  • Car Seat Injuries
  • Child Accidents and Injuries
  • Child Brain Injuries
  • Child Dog Bites
  • Crib Injuries
  • Daycare Accidents and Injuries
  • Drowning Accidents and Injuries
  • Playground Accidents and Injuries
  • School Bus Accidents
  • Toy Injuries

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Child injury lawyer Matthew Segal is dedicated to holding those who have caused children’s injuries or deaths responsible for their negligence, regardless of where in New York State these injuries occur. If your child has died or has been injured as a result of a defective children’s products or caregiver negligence, Segal Law Firm’s child injury lawyers will bring their considerable experience and expertise to pursue justice for you and your child.

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Matthew Segal thrives on the practice of law and his arena of choice is the courtroom. He concentrates on representing those who have been injured due to the negligence of others.