Core values

Segal Law Firm

Extreme Communication & Assistance with our Clients.

They deserve to know what is going on with their case and to get help with their medical treatment. Communicate with honesty and consistency.

Over Prepare

Do the work, put in the long hours, find the experts we need. Use all resources.

Take Initiative

Always be proactive not reactive. We don’t fear problems, We solve problems.


With the goal to dominate, not just to somehow pull off a win.

Be humble & Show Respect

We recognize that everyone loses sometimes. We are confident in our abilities but we are never cocky or arrogant. We Respect all people, clients, judges, & adversaries no matter what the circumstances.

Ethics Rule

We don’t need to cheat to win or to be successful. We don’t get tempted by false hope or promises of large rewards.


Serve our clients and guide them through the hardest time of their life.