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When you buy a product that you expect to work as advertised and to be safe for its intended use. You should also expect that the product comes with all necessary warnings and instructions in order to use it safely. If a product is defective and is unsafe for use, the manufacturer and seller of the product may be held responsible for any injuries caused by the defective product.
Cases involving defective products are often referred to as product liability cases. A product may be unsafe if it lacks an element necessary to make it safe. Even a product that is perfectly designed and manufactured may be unsafe or defective if it fails to provide all necessary warnings and instructions to the end user.

In New York, the law holds the manufacturer and seller of a product responsible if its product is defective and causes injury. The supplier is responsible even if it has taken all possible care in the design and sale of its product. A product liability attorney can help you gain financial compensation for damages created by defective products.

This legal doctrine, also called strict liability, is meant to protect citizens of New York City from defective or unsafe products by holding manufacturers and sellers responsible for harm caused by their defective products. It is also meant to encourage manufacturers to design and manufacture products safely and with all necessary warnings.

Such Product Liability Attorneys cases can involve:

  • electric vehicles
  • industrial power trucks
  • fall protection devices and lanyards
  • hand tools
  • construction equipment
  • Baby & Talcum Powder
  • scissor-lifts
  • forklifts
  • boats
  • power tools
  • scaffolds
  • Elevators

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