The Governor of New York has recently signed into law The Adult Survivors Act which, like the Child Victims act of 2019 will now allow adult survivors of sexual assault and abuse to file civil suits against their abusers and the institutions that protected them.

The critical part about this Act is that it will create a one-year look back window for survivors to file civil suits for abuse that occurred after the age 18, regardless of when the original statute of limitations on their case expired. Meaning no matter what, if you were over 18 when the abuse happened, you can file a lawsuit for 1 year.

Obviously, these are very serious and deeply personal situations. Nobody should take them lightly. But understand that this 1 year period will go quickly, so if you were the victim of such a heinous act, I hope you can muster up the courage to contact a lawyer you can trust – and understand that your information will be kept strictly confidential. Its time to hold these people accountable and for you to get the justice you deserve.

This goes both for the newly passed Adult Survivors Act and the Child Victims Act which still remains in effect for certain cases.