Parents in 2018 are in a difficult situation. Although most parents want their kids to be able to run free, have fun and explore their world, there are more dangers than ever when they leave the safe confines of home.

One of the most common dangers involves dog bites. According to an article from, The Center for Disease Control estimates that “half of all children 12 years-of-age and under have been bitten by a dog” and that “teasing or an unintentional provocation” are among the most common causes. In fact, in seventy nine percent of fatal dog attacks, the victims are children. But what can you do to help your children avoid dog bite injuries?

Protecting Your Kids from Dog Bites
Some basic steps for avoid dog bites include:

  • Do not assume a dog is safe: “The vast majority of dog bites are from a dog that the child is acquainted with – his or her own, a neighbor’s, or a friend’s dog.” So do not assume the friendly dog your child has been playing with for the past two months is safe. Also, small, seemingly harmless dogs are still a risk for attack.
  • Supervise your child: The majority of dog attacks against children occur when the children are not supervised, so make sure you don’t let your kid play with the dog on his or her own.

Teach Your Children
There are some very basic safety tips every kid should know before interacting with dogs:

  • Do not be alone with the dog. Make sure an adult is always present.
  • Do not pull the dog’s tail or harass the dog at all.
  • Do not bother a dog that is eating.
  • Let the dog smell your hands before petting it.

Most of these are common sense instructions, but parents avoid passing on this wisdom to their children end up regretting it far too often.