Is your vehicle ready?
According to AAA, a one-year-old child is injured in a car crash about once every day in New York state. With precious young lives on the line, it is critical that people do everything possible to prevent these injuries and keep small passengers safe.

Some of these injuries occur because children are not properly secured in child safety seats. Having the right car seat is essential for young passengers, but the state has not always provided clear guidance to parents. Many parents and caretakers may not know what safety equipment children of different ages need.

Clear requirements for children under two
To address that, Governor Andrew Cuomo recently signed a bill into law that will clear up car seat requirements for the parents of young children. Beginning on November 1, 2019, all children under two years old will be required to ride in rear-facing car seats. Research has found that children in front-facing seats are at a significantly higher risk of injury in the event of a crash.

The law has widespread support from lawmakers. Assemblywoman Sandy Galef, D-Ossining, said, “I am glad to see this important piece of legislation that will save countless lives of children under the age of two by requiring that these most vulnerable children are in rear facing car seats become law,”

Are your kids safe in the car?
We’ve written about the importance of car safety for children in the past. Even the most diligent drivers may be put in unpredictable situations on the road. You shouldn’t take any chances with your child’s safety – and you don’t have to.

The New York Department of Transportation offers free car seat safety fittings to help parents ensure their child safety seats are properly installed. You can either attend a scheduled fitting or contact the DOT to arrange one of your own.