Taking a child to a baseball game is a time-honored American tradition. For generations, parents have been taking their kids to the ballgame to enjoy the site and smells of our national pastime.

However, as much fun as a baseball game can be for fans and their children, there are also significant dangers. In addition to the potential for unruly fans and sometimes dangerous commutes, the game itself can pose significant dangers in the form of flying baseballs. If kids aren’t careful, a foul ball can cause serious, sometimes fatal, accidents.

A Child Was Hit by a Foul Ball at a Yankees Game
A couple weeks ago, a young girl was struck by a foul ball in Yankee Stadium, according to a report in Sports Illustrated. The ball was a line drive hit by Yankee’s third-baseman Todd Frazier. The New York Post claims the girl has a long road ahead to recover from the injuries suffered in this accident.
With the increased duration of baseball games and the rise in cell phone use and other distractions during games, it makes sense that the risk for being hit by a stray ball would be increasing, as well.
Legal Liability?

The Sports Illustrated article has an interesting discussion about the rules of liability for this type of accident in a baseball stadium. Although the legal precedent is complicated and varies a bit in different jurisdictions, the important point is that there is usually an opportunity to obtain compensation.

If your child has been injured at a baseball game or other public place, there are numerous rules that make obtaining compensation complicated. The essential first step is to contact an experienced lawyer.

There are countless attorneys in the New York area. The most important thing is to make sure your attorney has experience handling this type of case. Only with experience can a lawyer help you understand the various laws and limitations on a lawsuit of this kind. When it comes to your children, make sure you work with the best.